Namrata hemp company

Redesigning the brand mark for a hemp R&D company in Bengaluru.

This project was completed during my design tenure at Parentheses, as a part of the studio's design team.

NHEMP CO is driven by a deep-rooted passion for hemp and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Their mission is to inspire a transformative shift towards simple, healthy, and sustainable living with hemp. Guided by scientifically backed knowledge, they have mastered the art of cultivating and harvesting hemp, ensuring the highest quality standards at every step.

I paired this logo with a modern, contemporary serif typeface to reflect the brand's personality.

I used the natural meaning of a hemp leaf while designing the logo mark for NHEMP CO. However, I added a distinctive touch by putting a tiny drop at the top, elevating it among the conventional leaf logos. This distinguishing feature conveys the essence of the brand in a memorable way.