totspot kids furniture

Introducing a Fresh Kid’s Furniture Brand with an Exciting Visual Identity.

This project was completed during my design tenure at Parentheses, as a part of the studio's design team.

Totspot believes that children deserve a magical and inspiring space to grow, play, and dream. Our expertly crafted furniture is designed with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring that each piece brings joy and comfort to little ones.I was Involved in Developing Brand Identity for the totspot.

The visual identity for the Totspot brand uses simple geometric shapes that are always rounded and colourful. Through the use of colours and rounded shapes, Identity evokes the lively, fun and excitement.

The Totspot Brand Identity captured the essence of the brand and connected with both kids and parents. The Fun and colorful design elements and typography created an engaging brand image, while the clean and simple layouts conveyed a trustworthy and professional look.